Initial consultation The first consultation lasts about 45 minutes. I will start with taking a case history which includes general questions about your presenting complaint(s) and about your past medical history. If you have any relevant X-rays, MRIs, scans, medical documentation or list of medications you have been/are taking please bring them with you. In order to examine you, it might be necessary for you to get undressed down to your underwear. If you feel uncomfortable doing so it's not a problem, just let me know. You can bring loose clothing with you (ideally a pair of shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms). I can also supply towels for your comfort. I will then do an examination which include a few general movements and special testing in order to get a diagnosis. The diagnosis, treatment and management plans will then be fully discussed with you before proceeding to treatment. Please feel free to discuss any issues that may arise. After treatment, I will give you some advice and if necessary some exercises/stretches to do at home in between session.


Follow up consultation 

The follow up consultation lasts about 30 minutes in which the Osteopath will do a follow up examination and treatment. Most patients need between two to six sessions depending on the presenting complain. We tend to recommend a follow up session after the initial consultation in order to monitor the progress of treatment. The osteopath will then discuss with you how many more sessions she thinks are required. Some patient might benefit from regular sessions during the year to prevent the same issue recurring but also to keep the musculoskeletal system in a healthy state.

Practice policy

Patients under 16 must have an adult chaperonne (over 18) at all time during the entire session.

The clinic runs a 24h cancellation policy. If you are unable to keep your appointments and would like to cancel it or reschedule it, please give us 24 hours notice or a the full appointment fee may apply

Any questions, please feel free to contact us