How to wear a mask

😷 How to wear a mask 😷

Every patient coming in for a treatment has to wear a mask so I wanted to share how to wear a mask

-Wash your hands with water and soap or use hand sanitizer gel before touching your mask
-The blue side should be on the outside
-There is a little metal bar inside the mask at the top, this should go on top of your nose so you can adjust it to fit to your face (just gently pinch it)
-Put the elastic around your ears
-Hold the top and bottom of the mask and gently pull until it covers your face (including your nose and mouth

Do not touch your mask from that point as it could have viral particles on it

To remove it, only touch the elastic loops, discard in the bin (they are not reusable masks) and Wash your hands

Hope it helps 👍😊