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Celine, principal and clinic owner, graduated with an Integrative Masters degree from the European school of Osteopathy in 2014. Celine has always been keen in helping others and having received Osteopathic treatments as a child and following sports injuries, Osteopathy was for her the best filing profession. Since she graduated, she started by practicing as Osteopath in Kent in three different Osteopathic clinics. She then moved to Southend-On-Sea where she has been building the practice up for the past few years.

As a fully qualified and registered Osteopath, she uses osteopathic techniques such as manipulations, articulations, soft tissue massage and stretching, as well as cranial osteopathic treatments, Kinesiology taping and Dry needling in order to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal and health problems with the aim of helping recovery and preventing further occurrences. She provides treatment and care for people of all ages from newborns to the elderly, as well as pregnant women, sports people, athletes, office and manual workers. It's important for Celine that once patients are much better, to give some advice or exercises to prevent the problem from reoccuring.

Celine loves running and fitness and is also a  qualified sport and exercise nutritional advisor and offers sport nutrition consultations to help people reach their goals in training.

To satisfy the code of ethics and standards,  I am fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOSC) and fully insured with the institute of Osteopathy. By law, I am also committed to continuing professional development.

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Madiha is a qualified Osteopath and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and the Institute of Osteopathy (iO).

She studied Osteopathy in Paris and London, where she completed her Masters in Osteopathy. She feels very lucky for her unique training journey and great exposure, which allowed her to become a highly-skilled osteopath. She can master a great variety of osteopathic techniques, including structural, cranial, fascial and visceral osteopathy. Her treatments are tailored according to her patients' needs. She can offer consultations in English, French or Urdu/Hindi as required. 

Madiha enjoys treating people of all ages and all backgrounds. She gained experience while working in different clinics across Paris and London. She treats elderly, adults, teens and children, and is currently working on expanding her skills in paediatric osteopathy to treat babies soon. 

She has a particular interest in treating women around a special time of their lives - pregnancy. She likes to closely accompany women on this journey, both before and after giving birth.

Generally, she treats a variety of conditions, from low back pain to frozen shoulder or sciatica. But she noticed that recently, neck, shoulder pain and headaches related to work and stress are increasingly common, and she does get great treatment results and feedback.

Madiha thoroughly enjoys being an osteopath, always trying to establish positive relationships with patients, and trying to bring the best possible results. It gives her a sense of contentment when she sees her patients improving and finding health back again.